Protect Your Market Share - Big Data and Analytics

You have been hearing for some time about BIG Data and its coming importance. You have been looking for credible Analytics that can differentiate your organization.  You have decided to move into the world of analytics, metrics and client results.

We have moved these concepts and questions into reality with certified broker results.

Fact: Big Data analytics have become a top priority at companies nationwide. According to a recent survey by Accenture and GE84 percent of the surveyed companies agreed that the use of Big Data analytics “has the power to shift the competitive landscape for my industry” within the next year1.

Fact: In a recent survey of Risk Buyers by PWC74% of survey participants are looking to brokers for analytics to help inform their decision-making2.

Fact: When asked about their Top 3 Fears if they were unable to implement their Big Data Strategy1:

  • 66% of companies said, ‘Our competitor(s) will gain market share at our expense’

  • 45% said, ‘We will not be able to recover and “catch up” if we delay’

  • 48% said, ‘We will start to lose qualified talent to competitors’

Fact: Organizations across the board are implementing programs and seeking solutions to maintain their competitive advantage and improve their financial metrics.

Fact: In the Insurance Industry, the Analytic BrokerTM and the firms that can deliver quantifiable Value ReportsTM and Value ProposalsTM to sophisticated upper middle market prospects and clients will survive and thrive. The others will be left behind.

Question: Can your firm deliver meaningful reports and presentations that speak the language of the Big Data age (EBITDA, Profits, ROI, Metrics, etc.?)

Question: Can your firm consistently calculate and articulate the client’s Financial Leakage due to Indirect Loss Costs, andquantify the value of the resources your firm has provided?

Question: Can your firm calculate your large account Premium Performance Metrics (PPM’s) to demonstrate to a prospect how you would impact their Total Cost of Risk and improve their business outcome?

Question: Are your firm’s capabilities and vision positioned to capitalize on the Big Data and Analytics revolution?

Do You Want The Solution? We Have It.

Fact: Our Clients can do all of the above, and more.

Fact: Our Clients control over $2 Billion in annual revenues and are gaining tremendous Market Share using the Broker Performance AnalyticsTM of our Major Account Development SystemTM and our Consultative BrokerageTM platform.

Fact: There is NOTHING else like this in existence.

The race is on. Your largest clients and prospects are embracing and implementing the realities of the age of Big Data and Analytics. What about you? You can delay. You can attempt to fumble through incomplete systems and methods. You can try to build your own solution. You can lose your competitive advantage. Or you can capitalize now on this new reality and tremendous opportunity.

To stay ahead of the curve and gain market share, join the growing ranks of Certified Analytic Brokers who are changing the landscape of the Insurance Brokerage Industry.

At the Intersection of Big Data and the Insurance Industry, you will find the Analytic Broker and Broker Performance Metrics. Click here to Learn More Now.

All the best to Analytic Brokers,

Rob Ekern
C.R. Ekern & Company 


1 Source: 2014 Accenture and GE study: How the Industrial Internet is Changing the Competitive Landscape of Industries.

2 Source: 2014 PWC Report: Broking 2020: Leading from the front in a new era of risk