The Major Account Development System™ FAQ

Below you'll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Major Account Development System. 

What are the system prerequisites for MADS?

MADS is a cloud-based application that requires no system specifications beyond having a reliable internet connection. You may access MADS from PCs, tablet PCs, and some mobile devices. There is no client, portal, or software that needs to be installed. 

Is MADS an Agency Management System?

No. MADS is a 'large account management system' designed to fulfill a very specific need. MADS does not track individual claims, manage policies, or automate marketing activities. MADS was built for large account attraction, retention, and stewardship.  MADS focuses on eliminating competition and revenue growth by focusing on client cost reduction, resource management, and client deliverables. Think of MADS as firewall placed around your key accounts, a great supplement to your existing AMS.


No. MADS is designed to manage the stewardship process of your existing accounts and prospects.

How much does MADS cost?

The cost of using MADS depends on many different variables. The size of your organization, the number of accounts, etc. The best way to get a idea of the cost of MADS is to contact us. We'll be able to provide you with a ROI proposal. The good news about the yearly cost of MADS is most times it is recouped by attracting and retaining a single large account!

I'm an Independent Agent, can I use MADS?

 No. MADS is designed to be embedded within a mid-sized to super-regional brokerage with resource departments and support teams.

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