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Summary of Learning:

Participants will have access to the following lessons. Each lesson includes a 45 minute video presentation and concept-reinforcing coursework. 

Introduction to Consultative Brokerage*

Client and prospect expectations have elevated significantly as competition has increased in recent years. The ability to differentiate and create perceived value is more important than ever. This lesson will explore the Principles of Consultative Brokerage that successful firms are using to increase their revenues while exceeding their clients' expectations. 

 Principles of Consultative Brokerage 

In an insurance transaction there are 5 moving parts that a broker must have aligned in order to gain ‘broker control.' In this lesson, brokers learn the importance of the Five Principles of Consultative Brokerage and how to implement them in large account production and retention efforts.

Building a Resource Based Sales Model

The deployment of resources is a critical component of Consultative Brokerage.  Producers who learn how to differentiate themselves through resources are able to successfully compete on larger accounts.  In this lesson, brokers learn how to position themselves as the ‘gatekeepers’ of resources, providing tangible benefits to clients.

Understanding Indirect Loss Costs

In this lesson, brokers will learn that 80% of a client’s Total Cost of Risk are indirect. When a producer is able to identify and quantify these costs, he/she is able to create an impactful model of cost reduction. This lesson is an introduction to what indirect costs are, how to locate them, and most importantly, how to reduce them.

Impacting Administrative Costs

Many producers overlook the power of impacting administrative frictional costs. Many do not understand how to locate, and most importantly, reduce administrative loss costs. In this lesson, brokers will learn how to identify these costs, and how to use specialty resources to reduce the cost leakage. 

Introduction to Total Cost of Risk

This lesson covers the process of making an impactful Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) Analysis. Brokers will learn how to take and analyze client data in order to create a comparison report that differentiates their firm from competition on the basis of cost reduction.

Using the IRRI Valuescore

We have developed a prospect scoring system that effectively analyzes where a broker is within the sales process. By using the IRRI Valuescore, a broker will be able to analyze his or her prospects, see potential areas of impact, and strategize the next step forward toward gaining broker control.

Making Key Presentations

In the final lesson, brokers will see how all of the Principles of Consultative Brokerage come together to create an impactful conceptual presentation delivering your value proposition to the prospect/client while avoiding common mistakes.
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