Consultative Brokerage™ Academy

The Consultative Brokerage Academy offers insurance agents and brokers the sales training and tools required to compete in the ever-changing business of insurance.

Consultative Brokerage Academy Intro

Whether you're new to the business or a veteran, we offer the following resources to fit your needs:   

'Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy' - A Book by Rob Ekern

Skill Level:

New Hire - Veteran

Practical, workable, and highly profitable techniques make this book a must have for any producer, sales manager, seasoned broker, or insurance company professional. 

At a glance the books explains: 
  • How to establish a quantifiable value proposition that will attract and retain clients 
  • How to establish a business discussion with buyers that will differentiate your firm 
  • How to effectively utilize the concept of Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) 
  • How to make a quality presentation and stewardship report 
  • How to compete exclusively on broker of record letter 

Filled with over 60 charts and descriptive displays, this material has been over a decade in the making.

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Published and distributed by The National Underwriter Company

On-Line Sales Training with our Learning Management System (LMS)

Skill Level:

New Hire - Veteran

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Our LMS On-Line Sales Training modules will teach you how to differentiate yourself from your competition, attract and retain large accounts, create and present meaningful business presentations, quantify your Value Proposition, and much more. 

  • Each lesson includes a 45 minute video presentation, followed by concept-reinforcing coursework.  
  • Take lessons anytime (24/7), anywhere with internet access.
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The LMS On-Line Sales Training curriculum includes:

  • High Level Prospecting Techniques
  • How to Deploy Resources
  • How to Create a Value Proposition
  • The Keys to Effective Presentations
  • How to Create and Retain Significant Revenues 

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Workshops & Seminars

Skill Level:

New Hire - Veteran

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Join us for a live seminar in sunny Phoenix, AZ!

These topical seminars focus on sales strategies for insurance agents to attract and retain large accounts using the Consultative Brokerage Sales Methodology.

We offer both open enrollment workshops and private workshops for specific firms (contact us for more information on the latter).

During one of our workshops, you will:

  • Learn cutting-edge prospecting & sales strategies
  • Network with like-minded Consultative Brokers from across North America
  • Analyze real deals and work relevant case studies to re-enforce concepts
  • Practice TCOR quantification and how to analyze business risk to create perceived value
  • Learn high-level business dialogs and how to set up business discussions
  • Learn how to present stewardship reports & new business presentations

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