Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy - Book by Rob Ekern

Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy

'Consultative Brokerage®: A Value Strategy' is a ground-breaking book by Rob Ekern based on proven large account production and retention methods.

Practical, workable, and highly profitable techniques make this a must have for any producer, sales manager, seasoned broker, or insurance company professional.

In fact, this book has become 'required reading' for new salespeople at a leading insurance services provider in North America. 

At a glance the books explains: 
  • How to establish a quantifiable Value Proposition that will attract and retain clients 
  • How to establish a business discussion with buyers that will differentiate your firm 
  • How to effectively utilize the concept of Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) 
  • How to make a quality presentation and Stewardship Report 
  • How to compete exclusively on Broker of Record (BOR) basis 
Filled with over 60 charts and descriptive displays, this material has been over a decade in the making.

Now, it is available to help you and your team learn such Value Strategies as:
  • The difference between price and cost
  • The language of working with a high level buyer 
  • How to reveal the real costs in a buyer's program. 
  • Ways to stop the moving parts of a larger sale 
  • When and how to ask for the business 
  • Where to find resource capabilities and how to value them

I'm ready to order my copy. 

Published and distributed by The National Underwriter Company.