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Growth. Revenues. Less Competition. TCORCalc®.

Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.’

- Dr. W. Edwards Deming

Top Performing Producers and Insurance Brokerages choose C.R. Ekern & Company and TCORCalc® to deliver the tools required to excel in a highly-competitive, big data-driven, large account marketplace. 

Our cloud-based TCORCalc® Platform (formerly known as the Major Account Development System® or MADS®) empowers brokers to deliver effective and replicable Value Presentations to their large prospects and Value Reports (Stewardship) to their current key accounts. 

We offer our sophisticated clients the Analytics, comprehensive sales training, and deliverables that are required to sell to and retain savvy C-Suite Buyers using data-driven outcomes. 

TCORCalc® is the only resource in existence that can provide you with this advanced level of quantifiable results and consistent deliverables. 

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